Whatever you wished to know about other vagina designs — molds, systems, and you may sex tips

Exactly how many kind of vaginas have there been? Because so many people don’t observe that of several vaginas, we are really not competent inside the pinpointing her or him. However, while you are a great GYN doc otherwise a great Brazillian wax learn, he is enjoying hundreds of pussies a day. Predicated on these guys, there are five different kinds of vaginas – why don’t we take a closer look on them.

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Preface: temporary physiology of pussy

Though it you will feel just like reading Campbell’s biology, knowledge what our very own women bits are manufactured from is essential having being able to distinguish between different kinds of vaginas that are as much as. As opposed to further ado, let’s enter into the newest nitty-gritty out-of snatch structure.

Names you to doctors use to identify female pussy

  • Gans clit.
  • Labia minora.
  • Labia majora.
  • Urethra and you will pussy opening.
  • This new tissues close the newest snatch.

Vagina itself is a tube that connects brand new vulva and the cervix; the main one babies pass through on their cure for the country, where you type menstrual cups, tampons, and you can where in actuality the guy’s knob happens during intercourse.

Ergonomically talking, the brand new snatch is a vital station canal – including, it is accustomed transportation cum into the cervix immediately following climax.

Shape: 5 sort of vaginas

When you get down to learning vaginas, you’ll comprehend just how nothing we realize about them. You to definitely well-formed triangle we come across during the photographs isn’t even the variety of of your own pussy-stratification iceberg – though some ladies are fortunate enough to possess the same profile.

If you have never considered tags genitals molds as good Ms.Barbie or an effective Ms.Blinds, the time has come to get it done


This package is the genitals poster kid. Ms.Barbie citizens has very well symmetrical, contained labia majora and you can labia minora. The 2 bone formations that define the fresh new snatch other people along side pelvic bones. A familiar Ms.Barbie change is the fact that the labia majora is much stronger than labia minora.

Ms.Barbie ‘s the rarest vagina particular – however, it’s been therefore marketed from inside the media and porn that ladies either score vaginal toning or labiaplasty to reach a suitable profile.


Ms.Puffs is the nearest you can reach Ms.Barbie – the essential difference between the sorts of vagina mouth area is the perfect place labia majora and you will labia minora can be found. When you’re Ms.Barbie has actually her or him clinging on amount of the fresh new pelvic bone, Ms.Puffs’ throat lay all the way down, hanging from the pelvic bones.

With respect to Ms.Puff, there have been two different seems out of vaginas as much as – the one that have strict mouth additionally the shed that. There is certainly a familiar misconception you to pussy mouth score looser as you years or gain weight – however, physicians refuse the link.


For it type of vagina, the labia minora are extremely apparent because it’s dangling away from the new labia majora. Even though this might sound extreme, the thing is, the amount to which a genital lip try dangling broadly varies one of ladies.